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首頁綠色餐飲指南綠食宣言運動2023國際永續飲食交流論壇.在英國SRA眼中的永續飲食|會後報導|The Sustainable Restaurant Association's Trip to Taiwan

2023國際永續飲食交流論壇.在英國SRA眼中的永續飲食|會後報導|The Sustainable Restaurant Association's Trip to Taiwan

圖片 - 綠色餐飲指南
文字 - 綠色餐飲指南 Cara Bilson
文字 - 綠色餐飲指南 Cara Bilson
圖片 - 綠色餐飲指南

2023年3月14日,台灣的綠色餐飲指南(GDG)與英國永續餐廳協會(Sustainable Food Restaurant Association, SRA),進行首次的綠色餐飲國際交流論壇,由SRA的董事總經理Juliane Caillouette-Noble來到台北共襄盛舉。
In the first assembly of its kind, on March 14th, 2023, the Green Dining Guide (GDG) Taiwan welcomed The Sustainable Food Restaurant Association from the UK to Taipei. Juliane Caillouette-Noble, the CEO of SRA, came to Taipei to attend the International Sustainable Dining Conference.

在交流會上,Juliane與GDG的共同創辦人黃俊誠正式簽署合作備忘錄,宣布「綠色餐飲指南GDG」將成為SRA的Food Made Good全球評鑑指標在台灣的官方代表機構。此外,綠色餐飲指南的葉級餐廳評鑑直接認可等同於Food Made Good的星級評鑑標準。現在,台灣所有通過綠色餐飲指南葉級評鑑的餐廳經營者,都將被英國永續餐廳協會(SRA)的Food Made Good國際標準所認可,成為全球永續餐廳地圖上一萬五千多個永續餐廳的地標。
At the conference, Juliane signed a Memorandum of Understanding with GDG's co-founder, Huang Jun-Cheng. It was announced officially that the Green Dining Guide will be the representative agency of SRA’s Food Made Good sustainability standard in Taiwan. In addition, The Green Dining Guide’s leaf-level restaurant evaluation index will be recognised as equivalent to the Food Made Good star evaluation. Now, all restaurant operators in Taiwan who have joined the Green Restaurant Guide leaf-level evaluation will be recognized by the Food Made Good international standard of the British Sustainable Restaurant Association (SRA), and together will join more than 15,000 sustainable restaurants on the global sustainable restaurant map.

在論壇過程中,我們聽到了來自各界環保組織,如台灣動物社會研究會(Environmental and Animal Society of Taiwan , EAST),他們簡述了聯合國目前的永續發展目標,並針對中小企業如何展開與國際永續發展目標一致的行動提出了建議。另外還有臺灣海洋保育與漁業永續基金會,他們著重於介紹如何識別永續海鮮,並將其納入餐廳供應鏈。隨後,由一些已經加入GDG、響應綠食宣言運動的現有綠色餐廳成員提供了綠色午餐。
Throughout the conference, we heard from environmental food organizations such as EAST (The Environmental and Animal Society of Taiwan) who outlined the UN’s current Sustainable Development and gave suggestions to small businesses on how they can work to align their supply chain practices with international sustainability goals. We also heard from Taiwan Fishery Foundation who focused on how to identify most green seafood and incorporate it into your restaurant supply chain. A Green Lunch was then served by a number of GDG’s current members who have already received sustainability accreditations.

2023年3月14日,台灣的綠色餐飲指南(GDG)與英國永續餐廳協會(Sustainable Food Restaurant Association, SRA),進行首次的綠色餐飲國際交流論壇。

Speaking to Juliane after the conference, we were keen to hear her perspective on the differences between Taiwan’s green restaurant network and the sustainable restaurant work taking place in the UK. We also asked if she had any advice to give to GDG to help us further develop our green restaurant network.

What do you think currently are the main differences between Taiwan and the UK’s green sustainable restaurant network?

英國的綠色餐廳市場已經相當成熟。單單在英國,就有超過8,000個據點已經參與了SRA和我們的Food Made Good倡議。事實上,當談到淨零排放目標時,許多英國的特許經營店被認為是其行業的領導者,英國餐飲業整體上已經對淨零排放協議做出了大量承諾。此外,必須指出的是,英國的SRA已經與一些著名的名字聯繫在一起,例如,廚師傑米.奧利佛(Jamie Oliver)和英國國家食品戰略的作者亨利.丁布爾比(Henry Dimbleby)等。這有助於為正在進行的工作提供當地的可信度。
The UK sustainable restaurant market is already quite mature. In the UK alone, there are over 8,000 sights already involved with SRA and our Food Made Good iniative. In fact, many UK-based franchises are considered leaders of their industry when it comes to the transition to net-zero emissions. And indeed, there is already a large commitment in the UK restaurant industry on the whole to the net-zero emissions pact. Whatsmore, it must be noted that the SRA in the UK is already associated with a number of prestigious names, for example the chef Jamie Oliver and Henry Dimbleby, author of the UK’s National Food Strategy. This helps to provide local credibility to the work that is being done. 

Jung cheng, Director of The Taiwan Green Dining Guide agreed. Maintaining that, right now, the biggest problem Green Dining Taiwan is up against is consumer behaviour and awareness. Jung Cheng said “Many Taiwanese people will still give priority to convenience and cheapness when they pay attention to food. The “sustainable diet” education is slowly and gently influencing the public’s thoughts on sustainable diets, gradually changing purchasing behaviors and eating out choices, and gradually turning their attention to organic, environmentally friendly plant and animal foods, and persuading them to choose to eat in these green restaurants.”


What do you think are the key structural differences between the UK and Taiwan’s food systems which are currently impacting sustainability goals?

In terms of food and sustainable seafood, because it is relatively difficult to obtain animal products that have been verified by international sustainability standards in Taiwan, many meat products are still imported from abroad, meaning the food mileage is relatively high. In some respects, this makes Taiwan’s sustainable food supply chain more challenging then the UK's.

Chayin from Green Media also commented that “we also hope to educate more restaurants about how to choose animal ingredients based on the standards of animal welfare and sustainable seafood. In 2023, all green restaurants in GDG will use cage-free eggs. This is our next step.”
Juliane also explained that within the UK, 80% of supply chain spend in England is coming from chain restaurants, but chains make up only 20% of the market. Meaning chains have a large dominant monopoly power inside the UK.

Extra Activites in Taiwan

Although their trip was brief, the SRA representatives also got to sample a handful of the Green restaurants Taipei has to offer. On Monday night Sophie and Juliane were taken to Michelin star rated vegan restaurant in Songshan called Serenity Vegan, known for its fresh take on traditional Taiwanese vegetarian dishes. There they had the opportunity to sample many local delights including black bean sprouts in truffle sauce, replacement meat kung pao chicken and the very popular local dish- stinky tofu. On Tuesday evening they were taken to another Green Dining partner restaurant called Dong Yea in Daan district of Taipei. Here the SRA representatives sampled local beef stew, shanghai rice and peanut sports alongside other treats.


On Wednesday, as part of a final visit before the SRA guests returned home, the group paid a visit to Gamania, a digital online company to sample their sustainable, Michelin star staff canteen. This visit was a huge success and allowed for the SRA to see some of the best practice examples that Taiwan currently has to offer, including a subsidized healthy and sustainable lunch for all Gamania staff in Gamania Island, company canteen.

Overall, it was a fantastic opportunity to meet with GDG’s UK counterparts, fighting the same fight to make our global food system more sustainable, better for people and the planet. Many thanks to the UK representatives, we look forward to your return visit.

綠媒體和綠色餐飲指南也要感謝幫助承辦國際永續餐飲交流會的單位,包括:Pick Food Up扌合、大地行者、TiMANA Deli & Café、Cafe Chat Leopard 豹紋喵喵和三玉號野草茶。在此也特別感謝接待我們的東雅小廚及祥和蔬食料理,讓他們品嚐到了台灣的永續飲食文化。
Green Media and the Green Dining Guide would also like to extend their thanks to the organisations who helped to cater the International Sustainable Dining Conference including:
Pick Food up扌合, Land Walker 大地行者, TiMANA Deli & Cafe, Cafe Chat Leopard 豹紋喵喵 and Taiwan Wild Herb Tea 三玉號 野草茶. With a special thanks also to Dong Yea and Serenity Vegan who hosted our guests and allowed them to taste the sustainable food culture of Taiwan.



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